The Spectacle Kits USA Difference

Spectacle Kits USA Rx Spectacle Kits meet the NEW Optical and Safety Guidelines… Optical Retailers and Optical Labs Do Not!

New Respiratory Compliance requirements demand RX spectacle kits meet strict ophthalmic and safety performance guidelines including optical tolerances, base curves, bifocal types and positioning, and hi-ballistic standards.

Your only U.S. Source for Certified and Authorized Rx Spectacle Kits.

  • Only Full-Service Certified US Lab that meets the new Safety and Optical requirements – retailers cannot provide these standards.
  • Over 30 years of experience in this industry.
  • Official Rx Spectacle Kit processing lab for every major full facepiece, SCBA and gas mask manufacturer.
  • Highest level of expertise and customer service.
  • Easy, friendly & fast turnaround right to your doorstep.
  • Up to 70% savings compared to retail lens costs.

Partnered with TriSpec Eye Gear and Complete Eye Safety Processing, you get Rx Spectacle Kits calculated and crafted to fit your respirator mask to exact specifications and safety standards. You can spend much more at retail and not get a compliant product.